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Welcome to Cohesion!   
Cohesion is a professional services company dedicated to partnering with selected clients to facilitate meaningful, sustainable business improvement and growth of their people.

Established in 2000 with its head office in Gauteng, South Africa, Cohesion’s team of highly skilled professional consultants and specialists play a key role in assisting major corporations to deliver successful business results.


Effectiveness in four critical areas is needed for meaningful, sustainable change. These are:

           An effective Strategy
           Strategically chosen and well-managed Projects 
           Leadership that works in unison to embrace and drive change
           Empowered Teams that deliver desired results.

Cohesion will meet you where you are in any of these areas and partner with you to formulate where you want to be and facilitate the journey to get there.

Find out more about each of these by following the links on the left. 

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